Friday, April 1, 2011

Universities in India

Universities in India can be classified into different categories, such as universities Central State University, believes the universities, private universities, agricultural universities, the National Institutes of importance and open universities.

These universities in India can play an important role not only for the survival of a just and dynamic, but also in search of its rich democratic tradition. In fact, some universities in India play a great job of producing enlightened citizens of the nation. But with the growth of the economy, Indian universities and other higher education institutions have faced a new challenge.

This is to provide qualified and competent professionals for the growing industries and corporate houses. In India is already very high in terms of population, the need of the hour is to transform unproductive resource rights in productive human capital. This new call for quality manufacturing and most relevant education accessible to much of the population and the huge investments in the education sector.

Recognizing the urgent need to reorganize the system of higher education in the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development proposes the creation of eight new Indian Institutes of Technology, seven Indian Institutes of Management and thirty 30 universities in the central part of the 11 th plan . Out five years of the 30 Central Universities, 14 universities are world class.

Some of the institutes associated with universities in India -

University Grants Commission of India
The University Grants Commission of India is a central government agency that provides support for the government, universities and colleges with funds. The University Grants Commission of India or UGC provides recognition to universities in India. The office of the UGC is headquartered in New Delhi. The regional office is located in the south of Hyderabad. UGC NET also conducts examinations. This review is for the recruitment of teachers in colleges and universities.

All India Council for Technical Education
The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is an organization involved in systematic planning and development system organized technical education in the country. Currently, a total of 1,346 engineering colleges in India, which were approved by the All India Council for Technical Education. The seat is AICTE Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi.

National Assessment and Accreditation Council
The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an organization that provides recognition to universities. The CCNA is an autonomous organization that is funded by the Scholarship Committee of the University of Government of India, Bangalore.

Association of Indian Universities
The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is an organization based in New Delhi. The organization is involved in the evaluation of courses and the standard program and liaison between the universities of India and the government.