Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nagpur Universitys examination section works below huge burden

The Nagpur University's examination section, already facing the warmth over a series of paper leaks initial exposed by TOI, is showing signs of crumbling below the massive pressure from mushrooming faculties and workers shortage. some of years ago, the department was the pride for the university and had got accolades from all quarters for declaring ends up in fast time.

a look at the numbers reveals the pressure they're below. Over 800 faculties having over four lakh students and 10 colleges come back below their purview. thirty two new faculties would be added from the new educational year beginning in July and it'll solely add their woes.

consistent with NU sources, it conducts over one,000 exams and sets up nearly eight,000 question papers and additionally will their valuation once a year. Its officers additionally take care of declaration and distribution of results, issuing photocopies and their revaluation, creating seating arrangements for examinations, and sending registered mails to students and faculties among others.

to try to to all this work, the university has but two hundred workers, of whom eighty are clerks, to run the show. Not one employee has been recruited within the section since the last 5 years even if the amount of schools has grown. Till 2002, NU was having solely 250 affiliated faculties, in 2007-08 it had been 600, in 2009-10 they grew to 775 and in 2011-12 it crossed 800 mark - the very best among all universities.

Sources revealed that it had become even harder for them to conduct exams of skilled courses like engineering, MBA and law. attributable to semester pattern, these are conducted twice a year and thus are different formalities like results, analysis and revaluation. However, exam section officers were never consulted whereas granting new faculties or beginning courses. they do not even have an area on the necessary bodies like management and educational councils. If they protested, they were accused of being "inefficient".

The signs of crumbling were evident from the actual fact that series of paper leaks were happening and revaluation results were being delayed. Sources said shortage of approved academics for analysis was additionally hampering their work and ongoing strike by the academics for his or her sixth pay commission arrears was creating matters worse.

Though Controller of Examinations (CoE) Siddharth Kane couldn't be contacted as he had instructed the media to speak to professional workplace, a senior official on the condition of anonymity admitted that their section was indeed heavily burdened. Registrar Mahesh Yenkie had recently informed that NU had sent a proposal to the state government for filling from 391 posts.

Exam Section while not automation

Another disturbing undeniable fact that came out to light-weight was that the complete exam section was still operating manually. during this year's budget, NU had sanctioned Rs five.80 crore for modernization/computerization of this section, however no progress has been created.

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