Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sibal to dilute the IIT entrance exam

HRD minister Kapil Sibal encompasses a knack of staying within the news. it's a knack that comes in terribly handy for an officer. when pushing through ‘reforms’ in education, like creating promotions up to category eight automatic, doing away with board exams in school ten, or a minimum of create it optional, he has currently forced yet one more, highly visible proposal through. From next year, there'll be one entrance take a look at for admission to IITs,NITs and IIITs. To cap it all, the category twelve board exam results would conjointly realize weightage in his new, reformed proposal that's being done ostensibly to scale back the burden and stress on engineering aspirants.

I am no educational. i'm no knowledgeable in education either, however this proposal doesn't appear to form sense to me. IIT’s joint entrance examinations up to now are the important take a look at of any prospective engineer’s ability. they need a name of being therefore robust that it ensures solely the simplest get through. indeed it's usually said that getting in IITs in India is harder than getting in the other engineering establishment within the world, together with within the USA, a minimum of at the undergraduate level. This filtration method is therefore fool-proof, or nearly there, that the scholar, once he gets through, is asked for the globe over. it's stressful positive, however once through, the rewards are immense too. And what's wrong in inquiring some stress to urge recognised among the simplest within the world.

Sibal says this move can facilitate relieve stress among the scholars which consultants too have suggested that stress levels among students got to be brought down. Now, none will argue in favour of stressing out students and aspiring engineers, however this can be not identical, really! Some conjointly say that together with category twelve result would guarantee individuals don't ignore the board exams to focus on competitive exams alone. True, this will happen to some extent, however that's a choice that the individual and his/her family have taken, as a result of they apprehend what's valued a lot of within the final context.

In any case, if the necessity is to confirm that category XII exams aren't ignored, i'm positive there can be higher ways that of doing it. Where is that the got to dilute a time-tested, and proven system to incorporate results from an exam whose efficacy and credibility varies in line with the board, or region or numerous different things? No manner will the standard and different controls exercised over IIT entrance exams be replicated for the board exams. Tales galore of how lax the complete board exam method is, particularly in bound components of the country and the way cheating is rampant. It merely can't be as closely monitored and administered because the JEE.

I am personally attentive to IT firms in India, together with transnational, that enforce choosing an IIT graduate notwithstanding he/she is from a non-IT stream, say civil engineering. Why? as a result of all recruiters apprehend by currently that these guys have the raw material and it's easier to coach them than the so-called degree holders from most different institutes. This confidence another time comes from the initial method that separated wheat from chaff. and that we wish to tinker with that?

And I haven't even mentioned this proposal to form everyone pass automatically until category eight. it's ridiculous. one amongst the explanations Indian youngsters who go abroad do well is as a result of the grounding of our system. One could say it's bookish, forcing to be told by rote and every one that, however the very fact is it readies them for the robust days. will we wish our youngsters to be those that cannot tell their own nation on the map or those, when asked what's Strawberry in its original type, drew a box out of that it came? As I said, I don't claim to be an educationist nor an knowledgeable on education, however my good judgment tells me of these changes can impede, not facilitate the standard of our human resources.

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